What is Internet? | How does the INTERNET work?

What is Internet? | How does the INTERNET work?

What is Internet ?

Hi guys my name is Michael in this blog we’re going to be talking about different things used on the world wide web. Like what does the internet mean what does a DNS mean. We’re gonna talk about it so let’s go straight into it now.

The internet is a global worldwide network that connects computer system across the world it includes several Binary data lines that comprises the internet platform. These lines are connected to major internet organizations that distributes data to other locations such as web servers and ISP. So the information that you request for when you’re browsing the internet it’s been sent to you over a fiber optic cable and these informations are distributed on different servers around the world. So this is a little diagram showing you the internet backbone our information is being sent around the world from a server in the united states then the optic cable going under the scene passing on the information off to the next ISP wouldn’t distribute it to the users who need the information then from there another cable from different parts of the world and this is how the internet is internet is based on connections of computers sharing information with each other the internet is not done by our satellite physically user distributed by cables satellites to make to use this satellite to display the internet will be very slow so mostly we use cables that’s optical cables you can see how from the YouTube or Facebook database our information is to use optical cable but not by satellite now so this is another diagram showing you the connectivity of the internet you can see how it is around Africa Nigeria how the cables have been moved through under the sea to different parts of the world and when it gets to a country then distributed to the ISP or the server internet of the internet ops what is a page a web page is a hypertext document provided by a website and displayed to a user in a web browser a website typically consists of many web pages linked together in a coherent fashion the name web feed is a metaphor of a paper page bound together into a book so let me quickly explain this when you start creating your html the first page you’re working on like the index is called is it’s called a page because it’s only one but by the time you create other pages like the contactors page the service page the about us page everything together is now called a website but it but each time you go online and you just click maybe like you own you’re only receiving one page so that is called a page what is the meaning of ISP means internet service provider company that provides internet connections and services to individuals and organizations ISPs are all connected to each other true network access point public network facility on the internet backbone so in the earlier diagram i showed you you already connect DVDs you can see each cable once it leaves from one country to another goes to an ISP who now disputes the network in that country and also to share it to another ISP. So let me explain how your browser work once you go on to your chrome and you type in the address when you want google.com once you type it in and you send it so once you send it it goes to your ISP your internet service provider then it sends to DNS just i’m going to explain more about the DNS later on but just understand the DNS is a it’s like a phone book of the internet that’s internet phone book because the the intellect doesn’t understand google.com because google.com is automatically converted to numbers so says i don’t know him personally but here is his address so the DNS that gives us the address of google.com the address is called the ip address so you re automatically it sends the IP address back to your browser of google.com so once your your browser receives the ip address it goes to google server then retrieves the information it wants which is basically the html CSS Javascript the page of google which now displays on your browser and that’s what you usually see each time you request for google so this diagram is just to show you how the internet works in your area so little information how the internet works from here you can see home local area network then the wireless modem then the information is sent from the modem to the line of sight transmission as the literally the towers around the area and from that tower to another tower that and everything is ordered on wireless transmission to the ISP provider who provides you the information the internet basically that you use so another way we can look at this is when you are browsing on your phone and you request for a website then maybe youtube.com then information is being sent from YouTube server to you through the fiber optic cable all the way from wherever country is coming from in America to the ISP a provider in your country the ISP provider now distributes that network through the towers around your area then you receive the information on your cell phone so something like this i can see the tower over here then the cell phone this is putting the signal around the people to the people around the area that’s why i have like mass in different areas so that it can cover the people in that area they can receive internet services make phone calls so here i said i was going to explain more about DNS server. So a DNS is an online directory so if you look at this diagram this is google.com but the machines don’t understand google.com they understand codes so the DNS checks the information as google.com it’s okay to google.com translated to machine language as is which is the isp address of google server so which means when it checks its information it sends you back google isp address once your browser receives the ISP address it it automatically able to locate the server where the information you requested for is and that information is sent back to you to your browser all this is done in less than a few seconds so what does dns mean dns means domain name system is the phone book of the internet you must access information online through domain names like ni times.com or espn.com web browser interacts through internet protocol isp address dns translates domain name to isp addresses so the dns translates google.com into ip address so the browser can load the internet resources each device is connected to the internet as a unique ip address which other machine use to find the device dns server eliminates the need for human to memorize ip address such as 192.168 one point one more complex newer newer alpha numerator ipad address such as this so the computer doesn’t really understand the text but with the help of dns which translates the google.com into an ip address which is able to send you back to you so that you can locate the google server where it is and receive the information that you need so this is another great diagram showing how it works first you send the information www.youtube.com to the dns the dns checks it and say okay this is the ip address of the server of youtube.com then sends it back to your system and your system sends it back and your system is able to locate the server of google.com and transfer the data that you need back to your system and all this happens in less than a second so this is a diagram on how the optical cable looks like what is the beginning of ww i mean this is a term that we always see each time we are on the internet or in our browser so what does the mean of wwe mean means ww means worldwide web commonly known as the web is an information system word document and other web resources are identified by uniform resource locator now uniform resource locator is called url so that’s the full meaning of url usability is called uniform resource locator which may be interlinked by hyperlink and a accessible over the internet so what is a web browser a web browser is an application software for accessing the worldwide way when a user requests a web page from a particular website the web browser retrieves the necessary content from a web server and then displays the page on the user device so the browser you use chrome firefox this is how basically how it works the web browser allows you to be able to access information on the internet without web browser you won’t be able to you’ll be able to access information on it what is a website a website is a collection of web page and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server notable examples are wikipedia.org google.com and amazon.com all public accessible websites so i want to explain some things in these texts it says a website is a collection of pages so that is the collection of more than one page is called a website and also it sees a related content that is identified by a common domain name so there’s a name identifying the old content in the website like wikipedia.com google.com amazon because everything are all related all belong to one um content creator google google.com or amazon.com then this content is loaded onto a server so each time you request for maybe um go amazon.com you’re requesting for the information in this in the server and the server sends you the website information which now gets displayed on your screen so i hope you understand all what i’ve been trying to say i know i repeated some of the things i said so that you can understand it and have the whole idea of what it means to be a website developer for the things involved in it because you need to know some of this information so that you can have your whole idea of all the things you are creating who you are creating it for and how it will be delivered to them i repeated it a little so that it will stick and you will understand it so if you do understand it please make a comment and saying you understand it if not i’m gonna be a little bit sad if just say no you did not so right now i’m going to show you how you can create your first web page the process involving opening your browser creating documents you need and linking it up together so if you want to start coding how you go about it so let me show you how you can start with the setup first let me create a folder come down here okay you can choose to name it if you want well i’m just gonna leave it like this and come to visa studio click on it so it’s open right now so now we want to bring in the folder into visual studio so then we click on open file you may not see this all the time we can just go up to file and click open folder click here open folder or click on program so now let’s click on folder select okay it’s gonna ask you this to see if you trust the folder on fire bring it into visa studio so let’s click on yes i crossed also you can see the folder up here new folder for let’s move this by clicking here then click on new folder so right now we’re going to create a file because we only created a folder and brought it into the research studio now i already created files it’s empty when you click on the folder so let’s come here click on new file then we give it a name okay then we save it but first i wanted to click on auto save so that you are typing automatically all you are doing is being saved in case your system goes off or something happens you lose your code the auto save on you can see it sticks yeah that means it’s on let’s save it now come out to save then we give it a name to remove this untitled and call it web then after that we come to save as type click so we’re working on html right now if you’re working on css if you if you wanted to create a css file we click css or html or javascript this will really make the difference the type of file you are creating so let’s click on html and click save you can see i have html logo right here it’s saved um we can start typing in our code so let me show you a shortcut on your keyboard press shift and the exclamation mark which could be on the number one button so we’re going to press it at the same time so we’re going to do it now okay so we have this it’s an image ratio so we click on it so we have our structure already out now okay so now i want to open the browser so that as i’m coding i can see what is showing on the screen for that happen with live server live server is an extension of vs code you can get it from the extension store if you want why not advice you should have it because it makes it easy when you’re coding you can see what you’re doing immediately so we come down we click on extension this icon okay once again the extension this is where the extension has installed all my research studio already so come up to the search box up here and type live and just type sub okay you can see here number two live server click if i have not installed it you see install and after installing i will enable it right here so let me go back nice so i’m going back to i’m going to do file click on the file left click and open with live server click on it you can see down here it says sports 550 and also minimize the research studio of each explorer including that then we use okay like it you can see them but now side by side so if i come into the body and put the a tag each one then close it automatically give me the closing tag then i commit it and type hello you can see sorry appearing on the screen hello world so now if you want to add css to your html there are three ways you can do it first you can do it in line in my means i’m coming into the code itself where i want it to have an effect on and type style launch into the color so you can see as i’m typing i’m having options trying to guess what i’m trying to and what’s actually do guys right so let me choose the color i want blue violet and let’s see automatically you text have changed but it’s not the best using inline code because if you want to make adjustments and you have a lot of code you have to look for it not change it the second way is external that’s let’s create another file and the type will be css then we add a link and put a link into the head of html to put a link into the head of the html like this and put the name of the file right here name so this is how you can create an external css file we link it by typing in link real equals don’t forget my style sheet then href maybe the name of the file you put the name of the file in between the two quotation marks that is how you can link it if you don’t want to create an external file and you want your css to be in your html you type [ __ ] called style so we have our opening and closing time and in between this tag we now target each one so we can either use each one like this then a quality like nicely poly brace quality brackets with kali then space let me change the color i’m going to remove these inline scissors and put in here so that it’s not complete so now let me color let’s do green and then we refresh and look at the experience so sometimes my feelings will create if the knife server doesn’t replace by itself so now this is one way how to target elements with css then also use a class or id if you want to use the class with dave i just call my type class then i’ll give it a name so i’ll just put hd then come up here you can see the color change back to black once i put the d what that could be d automatically change back oh okay yeah so now play class so when you want to target a tag with a class you have to use a full stop you can see it full stop that stands for symbol for the class if i was using an id id id will take an hashtag or ash let’s see let’s think back again green to this i can use a class or a id this is going to stop for now.

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