How To Introduce Yourself in English

How To Introduce Yourself in English

Introduce Yourself in English

Introducing yourself in your native language is difficult. But, introducing yourself in a foreign language coupled with the anxiety and awkwardness within those first minutes during an interview? That’s an entirely different story. In today’s blog I am showing you how to successfully answer the: Tell me about Yourself question in English and properly introduce yourself.

Hi everybody, Welcome to Moview, I am Maria and today I have a very important lesson for you. If you are currently preparing for an English interview, or if you simply need to learn how to impress your interviewer during your interview, then buckle up, grab yourself some coffee or popcorn, and let me teach you. There are 3 MAIN points you want to include in your introduction in English; 1. To talk about where you are now (present) 2. To discuss how you got to where you are now (past) 3. To share your goals for the future (future) Let’s break this formula down into details. First, you want to keep something in mind. You don’t want to overwhelm your interviewer with facts and examples without actually be accurate in your English communication, right? So, when your interviewer asks you: “tell me a little bit about yourself”, you can first start with a thank you note or a short comment, such as: It’s nice to finally meet you in person! Or Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today…” And then start answering your question. This will create a friendly atmosphere and will not make you look like a robot who’s answering only the question he’s asked. So, once you have the attention of the interviewer you want to start with the basics. Assuming that you have already met and greeted the interviewer, we’ll move straight to the answer of this question. Age & Location I am 28 years old, and I am from… Or I am 28 years old, and I come from If you want to say where you grew up, you can say I was born and raised in… Now, if you were born in one place but grew up in a different place you can say I was born in France, but raised in Italy. If you are living in a different place from where you were born, you can say: I grew up in New York, but I now live in LA. Now, let’s move on to the other aspects you should include in your self-introduction. The next important option is your current position and the company you are currently working in. Position and Company I am currently working at (company name) in the (department name) I am currently working at D Experts in the marketing department. Or you can say: Here, be careful – it is incorrect to say I work in. You can say I work at, or I work for. You can also say: I’m a (position) at (company) I am a graphic designer at Google. Or I work as a graphic designer for Google. (here, you are giving the specific position to the interviewer) The next thing you want to talk about is your qualifications. I have a bachelor in marketing. Or I am a graphic design graduate. Or I am currently taking a course on (course subject) I am currently taking a course on digital marketing. Or if you have already completed a course, you can say I have completed a 6-month course on digital marketing. Next, we’ll move to the past experience you have. I have (number of years) experience in the (field) I have 5 years of experience in the language education field. Or you can say: I’ve worked in the (field) for 5 years. I’ve worked in the finance field for 5 years. Here, you want to highlight your personal and professional strengths by mentioning some previous projects. For example, you can say I have a thorough understanding of (field) I have a thorough understanding of Sales planning and business development. Or if you want to give a more specific answer, I have been mostly involved in (occupation) establishing effective client relationships. If you want to state more things, you can say I have also…. Or In addition to that, I…. developed a great understanding of customer service. Next, provide an example. The phrase you want to use for this is: To give you an example I would like to tell you about….(example) here you want to only briefly explain the project in 1-2 sentences. Or To give you an idea..I would like to tell you about…(example) Future goals I believe (this experience and training) has prepared me to take the next step and pursue a management position with you. And now I’m looking to expand my experience in (job position you are applying for) digital marketing, which is why I am so interested in joining an agency like yours. Here you are stating that you want to learn from the best, so that’s why you are applying exactly to this company which is a great way to show the interviewer that you really want this job. Or, if you are applying for a company that offers products, you can say Given that I’m a big user of (the company’s products name). And that’s it! Short, simple and precise. Remember to be as short as possible, but don’t remove important details from your self-introduction. And lastly, don’t free-style. Go, well prepared, and practice your self-introduction speech for many times at home. What is your most challenging question during an interview in English? Write your experience in the comments below!

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