How to Stay Motivated in Study

Study motivation in a nutshell

How to Stay Motivated in Study

Study Motivation Hello Friends! I’m sure you all must have gone through a lot of videos which talks about how to score good marks, how to study harder , how to stop waste your time but to do all of that you must need some motivation, and today we are here to help you with some effective tips that will help you to stay motivated for your exams. Stay tuned!

Tip No: 1 Find your own reason Research has shown that when you ought to write down all the reasons it could be anything, of how a subject may benefit you, doing this helps you feel motivated since your mind knows why you’re doing what you’re doing, and this also helps you to feel motivated to study better, since your mind will start thinking in such a way that you will feel accountable and also responsible while you’re studying and that will create enough motivation for you.

Tip No: 2 Write your progress When you write how much you have finished completing certain chapters or even some assignments that itself gives you enough motivation to study further, hence to stay motivated always write your progress.

Tip No: 3 Meditation before you start studying Try doing some breathing exercise when you’re just about to study, why this? This is because even while you study, you need to have your mind that is your mental state has to be fresh as well, so that you will be able to grasp what you study faster, and while you’re studying faster, this automatically will help you stay motivated throughout

Tip No: 4 Negotiate with yourself There will be times where you are not motivated because you feel like doing something else. See, breaks shouldn’t be something that will demotivate you to study. Hence to trick your mind, all you have to do is to negotiate. Negotiate in such a way like “After i finish 3 chapters I’m going to go talk to my friend for 10 mins, or if i finish solving 20 maths equations, I’ll watch 1 episode of my favourite show” etc. These will help you be on track and also you aren’t losing out on anything.

Tip No: 5 Imagine your future self When I was small, my mom would also help me see the future me, by asking what I’d want to be when I grow up and eventually that became my motivation to study hard and become who I am today, friends, this is an example of always imagining your future self, by doing this you will be highly motivated to study in your present!

Tip No: 6 Questioning When you don’t have the motivation to study any longer you can try framing some questions on paper and also making sure that you answer them, by framing I mean to ask questions like “Why have you stopped studying”? Is it because I’m bored? Or is it because I’m in a bad mood? How can I make my mood better then? Etc etc. Questioning not only helps you in reasoning out your problems but also helps you in staying motivated since you don’t just stop, but try and be motivated for a longer period of time.

Tip No: 7 Find a good spot to study You usually tend to get distracted because you don’t have a good spot to study, hence make sure that you have a great spot like a neat and tidy study table or if you don’t have a study table try and be at a place that has less noise, and of course have a good lighting this will help you feel motivated from within to study better!

Tip No: 8 Plan a schedule When you don’t have a schedule, you’re most likely to not be on track and take time for granted hence to stay motivated and on the go, schedule a proper time to study, you can also do this by watching this video to get a proper idea!

Tip No: 9 Motivational Quotes of “why’s” Always understand why you need to study and what better way to do that but to keep watching some quotes or reading some quotes which automatically triggers your purpose of studying even more! A tip is to stick those motivational quotes at a place where you may see it quite often!

Tip No: 10 Add in some creativity See, if you like doodling or just drawing or even painting or let’s take singing for that matter, you transform what you are studying into that particular category by adding things that you like, maybe start drawing what you’re studying or start singing your answer in a tune of a song, this will also help you to remember it at the same time while you do well, you will get the motivation to study further, since you’ll able to remember what you have studied better!

Tip No: 11 Break it down When you break down something that you would want to study it becomes easier since the material is less and you finish it faster, hence it helps in staying motivated while studying for a longer period of time!

Tip No: 12 Find your negative motivation There is a reason behind finding your negative motivation and that is the fear, the fear of what will happen if i fail, or what am I going to answer my parents etc, for some students these help since they work under pressure out of this fear and actually do well in exams

Tip No: 13 Find your positive motivation The positive motivation which is also known as positive reinforcement makes statements like, wow I have given so much time for studying, this has to be worth it! Or I am learning so much from this! Etc, this will help you do better hence everyone else has their own way of motivation negative and positive too!

Tip No:14 Act it! According to research, it has been proven that, your practice of action leads to motivation and not the other way round most of the times, hence you can stop thinking that you need tos study and just start studying, the progress of that study session will allow you to therefore stay motivated!

Tip No:15 Something easy While you’re studying, always start with something easy because remember you’re already bored of studying nd the best motivation for you is not having a harder subject to study so you will get demotivated bt rather go for a subject that you like so you get a good rampo with studying even as you’re going forward.

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