How To Make Money Online 2022 | High Paying Website

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How To Make Money Online 2022 | High Paying Website

There are many ways of making money online these days and this is what this channel is about, today I am going to show you how to make your first $50 or even a $100 in just a few minutes. This method is absolutely free and available worldwide, In this video we will be performing tasks which are ALWAYS available, YES always available. All you need is a cellphone or laptop and a standard internet connection. But before we start welcome to Money Ways a channel that helps you to make money online, make sure to Subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to click on the notifications bell, so whenever we upload a new video you will be updated. Also get this video a big thumbs up and don’t forget to comment down below. Alright guy’s first things first, please do make sure you have a verified PayPal account or any other payment platform in order to withdraw your money and if you don’t have a PayPal account please type in *WWW.PAYPAL.COM* in your web browser and click sign up, alright, then click on an individual account to join PayPal for free as you can see that’s an individual account and then, obviously as you can see we have a business account. So please click either one of them an individual account does work perfectly as well. Click next. And then add your mobile number, and please do make sure you write the correct number, OK , then click next. And PayPal is going to send you a code which you have to type it in there ,OK, so type in the code that PayPal has sent you. We are going to set up your profile, so please enter the email address, create a password and then confirm your password and then click next. Please do check in those boxes, check them then Agree and Create Account and Wala your PayPal account has been created. To add a payment method, You have to log in using the email and the password you have created, Log in and follow the prompts, OK. Alright guy’s now lets start making money, So go to your web browser and type in *WWW.TOLOKA.YANDEX.COM* that is our website for the day, it’s called Toloka. These are the maximum earnings per day for this task, and you can see earnings per task. And in each and every task there are instructions, showing details, take the test. So for example with this one, when I click on the show details it shows that the maximum earnings per day for this task is $21.62 in just 10 minutes, Task expiry time is 10 minutes, So this are super super easy. When I click on instructions, these are the instructions for this particular task and please do make sure that you read your instructions carefully cause if you don’t your money might be reduced or you might not get your money at all, so after reading instructions, there is a test that you have to take, probably from 6 to 12 questions maximum, So this is an example in instructions as you can see here they will show us an example of what they actually mean, so these are two products, This is the product and the recommended product, so what you have to do is to chose either they are the same, highly substitute, Substitute, Complimentary or Unrelated. So this is another example, This is the same, Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee Medium, These are the same the pictures are the same ,the brand is the same therefore they are the SAME and the things that you have to look out for is the sizes ,ok, cause they might be the same, this might be a roast ground coffee but the other one is medium and the other one is large, therefore they really aren’t the same ,Ok and then these are the Highly Substitute examples. These are two different T-Shirts, They look the same but they are not the same. So they are Highly Substitute . This one is the boy’s T-Shirt and the other one is the Men T-Shirt, that’s why they differ, therefore they are highly substitute as you can see the picture’s are also not really the same and the writings as well. So they are Highly Substitute. Alright, this is another another example, Rolex Datejust. These are two watches, But I want you to look at the numbers here, the other one say’s 126333 an the other one says 16223 so they are really not the same but they really look the same of which if you wanted the first one and you get the recommended product you will probably get it because they look the same but they are not the same so, these are a little bit tricky parts but they are really not tricky, you just need to look carefully. And the other one is Dog food, Merrick Classic Adult Dog Food Natural Grain. These may look the same, they are from the same brand but they are actually not the same, What’s different here is the flavor, and if the products differ in flavor they are highly Substitute, They are not the same, Ok The ads, as you can read here, the ads offer the same brand and type of Dog food differing only in flavor. So these are other examples Staples business cards the other one is 250 and the others are 1000 therefore they are highly substitute. Now clicking on Substitute examples, remember these examples under instructions, these are also men’s Rolex watches but they are not the same, the names are not the same, so it is substitute. You can go actually go for the other one if the one you wanted is not there or is not available this is what it basically means. The same with these Sofas, the other has orange cushions and the other one is orange the whole thing you can actually go for the other ones. So I will go for through ,it’s super super easy guy’s ,So I don’t waste your time. Then these are Complimentary examples I went for the third one which says Wet’n Wild mega slim skinny mascara in black that is the product title and the recommended product title is Mac Nicopanda lipstick ,so the product is a mascara and the recommended is a lipstick. So mascara and lipstick are both types of make-up so they can be used together right, That’s why it’s complimentary. Then Unrelated examples as you see the other one is a reading pillow and the other one is a comfort pillow so they are not the same, the other one here is a costume hat and the other one is a mug, A costume hat and a mug, they are definitely Unrelated. So I am going to close that, you are going to take the test, you pass it and then you can start making that $26.72 in a day. Alright that is $2.72 that I made today, Under review I have nothing, Going through my dashboard here in Active I don’t have active tasks for now, Clicking on awards, you do get awards as time goes on . So I have learner’s are winners awards, I have an app tamer of which I have an app on my phone , there are tasks you can do on your phone and there are those you can do on your laptop , I had my first payout, I haven’t left my comfort zone yet, I had my first payout , That is the money that I just made in 5 minutes. I’ve also joined the crowd. Under activity I only have nice to meet you, that means I have to go through all of that. Year in Toloka , I think I will have a Year in Toloka next month. No sweat I am in level 3 ,It takes all kinds in level 1. I honestly don’t know what those means , I just wanted to show you guy’s how it looks like. Pumped up I have no level there same thing as in Finder. You can get Toloka in Google play as well as in App store. I’ll go to messages, what I love about Toloka is it sends you messages, as you saw from our examples you do get to have tests, and whenever you pass the test, that is your skill so you don’t have to take the test again, So if that task appears everyday you don’t have to take the test again ,So this is just my messages I had my first withdrawal last year, ”Would you recommend Toloka to your friends”, Toloka just sends you messages guy’s. That’s just basically it, Going back to the tasks, I will just go through them, These tasks are ALWAYS available, I mean it when I say always available, There won’t be any day that you go to Toloka either in your Laptop or your phone and they you find ”Sorry we don’t have tasks for you today” No, there will always always be tasks and you can choose which ever one you want to take on. So I will go through the tasks to show you guy’s And as you can see here are those with little or less amounts of money which are maximum earnings per day and there are those with higher, So if you can chose the higher ones and you can do them in just a day, You can probably make your first $50 or even a $100 per day, cause as you can there are maximum earnings per day with less but what I like about Toloka is there are also those with more . So go to Toloka and sign up it’s free, I’ve put the link in the description below, So click on the link and it will redirect straight to Toloka and start making money now. Alright THANK YOU guy’s.


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