How to become a Software Engineer?

How to become a Software Engineer?

Hello I am a software engineer at Microsoft In today’s blog, we gonna talk about how can you become a software engineer. If you are in 10th class, 11th class, 12th class, 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year or you have graduated from the college. There are multiple paths, and multiple things that you can use The tracks that you can use to become a software engineer so there are some things like currently if you are in 10th, so what path you can follow if you are in 12th currently, so what path you can follow Other than this if you have graduated, so what path you can follow We gonna talk about all the things one by one and there is a very important thing in last that everyone has to do whether you follow any path I am going to tell that so stay tuned for that and like the blog. Now let’s start our blog So if you are in school 9th, 10th, 11th So the straight forward path is to become a software engineer that is getting into an engineering college with a computer science degree okay This is the most straight forward path if you have taken science in 11th and 12th and if you can prepare for IIT JEE If you can give IIT JEE mains , advanced and after that if you can bring good rank So this is straight forward path, you can get into a good engineering college and from there you will get on campus, off campus placement opportunities And you can be a software engineer What you have to do inside college? I will tell you that in the end That how things works Now who do not know what is IIT JEE What is IIT JEE mains, advanced This is an engineer entrance exam Through this you get admission in various engineering colleges IITs, IIITs, NITs, NSIT, DTU, like these many other engineering colleges so you can take admission in all of these after getting good rank in it after this many private universities also have exams where B.Tech is being done They also have different different entrance exams like BITSAT BITS is a very good college very nice college Other than this, there are many engineering colleges in which you can take admission and this would be the first straight forward path But in this you have to work very hard in school time You have to work very hard to get a good rank in IIT JEE if didn’t happen so no problem, let’s move to the next path After this, what is the next thing if you didn’t take CS in 11th, 12th by chance You are from arts or from commerce background, or even you took science but you didn’t get a good rank in JEE You do not want to go to a private engineering college you do not want to give that much fee so there is a second choice, you can get into BCA Bachelor of computer application you can go into bachelor of computer application after this, you have 2 paths one is directly applying in off-campus companies many companies do not consider Means I am not saying that no company will give you job you cannot go anywhere But there are few companies that allow you to get a job directly after BCA and there can be a little bit trouble I am telling honestly you can get a little bit trouble so there are 2 choices in it One is you studies well, that I am going to tell in the last that what do you have to study, how you have to study you did all of that part you ticked all the checkpoints After that you can apply off campus in many companies and google, amazon allows BCA graduates also So you are lucky If you did this and studied well, then you can work in these good companies There are many startups in India, there are more than 100+ Unicorns now what are unicorns? Those who get valuation more than 100+ crores they are called unicorns they have a lot of money and they also give good packages as well so if you have done BCA so this is one path by chance you didn’t do BCA other than this, you did B.Sc and you have degree of that What you can do, the second part of it you can apply for MCA in top NITs For MCA, NIMSAT exam happens you can apply in NIMSAT And through that you can go in top NITs to complete your masters of computer application and you are then at equivalent to graduates In this your 1 extra year spent is 4 years degree Here you spent 3+2 years you spent 5 years but no need to worry you will be studying top NITs of the country and you have very good opportunity you will be sitting in placements with B.Tech people and many amazing, amazing companies come on campus if you have done B,Sc or BCA you can follow this route Before moving further in blog, I want to tell about a very good social learning platform which is Meta school now you get many courses on Meta school related to web 3 and all of them are free now what is Meta school it is a community of more than 50k+ people where everyone is upskilling by helping each other Now here you get multiple learning paths dedicated to learning solidity creating your own marketing place and also taking deep dive into the key token standard shaping the web 3 universe of the future now you know the average salary of web 3 developers is 150k+ US dollars The mission of Meta school is that all of the things should be more accessible to you through their world class courses now they have many tie ups with companies as well that hunt talent related to web 3 so what are you waiting for, you can definitely check out the meta school, the link is in the description and other than this you can also try any course all of them are free and after the completion of course, you also get an NFT so now let’s move towards our blog. Now you will say that bhiya okay, these are the main categories now tell us that we haven’t done neither B.Sc, nor BCA we are from a non CS background we are from a non engineering background we didn’t have science then we want to be a developer, then we want to be software engineer then what we will have to do so let me tell you the third category is self taught developers at the end of the day everyone is self taught you go into colleges but there are some things that you have to read by yourself only colleges provide you good peer group they provide you some on campus opportunities but at the end of the day you have to work hard even if you get into an IIT If you will not work hard there so you will face difficulties now what things you have to learn to become a self taught developer if you are trying for placements in general so everyone has to do these things you will have to learn a programming language first thing you will have to learn a programming language now let me tell you different different languages for different different categories which one you should prefer if you lie in category one or two you can start from java or c++ because that will be coming in your curriculum you will have to study them and they are very fast when you will do competitive programming or when you will give online tests and all C++.Java would help you a lot okay because you will be leaning this thing in your course curriculum and they are very important you can pick up any one language C++ java, this is not like that you should have to do c++ or only java it doesn’t matter you can start from c++ if you face difficulty in a sub topic pointers so what you have to do, you have to shift in java pointers are not there and it would be easy working there So I have also started a YouTube channel code in 10 in which we have already reached to 30,000 subscribers so you can subscribe to that There I am teaching DS and algo that you will have to learn to get a software engineering job so go and subscribe now let’s come to third category you do not know P of programming okay you have complete 0 idea so what you should do? I would recommend starting from Python Python is the easiest language for learning and mostly things happen from it you can do multiple things from a single laguage you can also do development you can also go for the roles of data science other than this you can also learn data structures and algorithms also So if you do not know programming at all you haven’t touched the computer ever you can start from python. It is like English like you write English, you will learn writing python in the same way That will be very easy so this is the first thing next things is you have to learn data structures and algorithms the most important thing is in all the big tech companies, in all the startups, wherever you want to be a software engineer you will be asked this thing we call it DS and algo So for this, I have made 90 days DSA roadmap It will be coming here, you can follow that altogether, you can subscribe code in 10 there you can learn and there are many courses There are many online free and paid courses as well you can take any you can do anything you have to study DS and Algo first of all this is the most important thing after learning a language third thing is now what we do first we go to google and search how to learn data structures and algorithms or we will take any course of data structures and algorithms and we will think that he is teaching in 20 hours or he is teaching in 40 hours and we will buy that course okay and then after watching starting 1-2 hours we will say that it is very weird it is not happening and we will leave that let me tell you what is this thing called We call it tutorial hell either you will just keep watching the tutorials you completed 20 hours and you do not remember that what you did in starting you do not have to go into this what you have to do, as soon as you learn things you will have to code them if you read a topic, like if you will watch that 90 days roadmap so you have to keep coding all the topics that you read altogether you learnt the language Keep doing data structures keep doing their questions altogether, keep learning altogether And in this way you will become a very nice developer so the 4th thing is linked with this doing code in very much important it will not work just by watching tutorials you will have to code and after that you can be a very good software engineer now after this comes development thing okay We studied DS and algo that will be asked in your interviews But you will have to make a resume before going into interview for making resume, blog will be coming here this has become old, I will make new one soon subscribe the channel for dats and all so for resume making, you will need projects what are projects you saw a problem in system you tried solving that problem and made a solution anything, tiny so that become your projects it is not necessary that you are doing projects just to solve a problem many people make clones Made Amazon clone, YouTube clone Instagram Clone There are multiple categories in it one is your web developer one is your android developer one is your IOS developer one is your cross cross platform developer I have made roadmaps of these also I have made roadmaps All of them will be coming, all of them will also be linked in description too So you can check out that There are blockchain developers too so there are developers of different different types pick up any one thing learn that you are given roadmap if you will learn that, you will make projects, your resume will be made and after that what you have to do you have to apply and then enjoy we have learnt everything that how you can be a software engineer These are basic requirements It is not like that of you do this, then you will do something big These are the basic things which you will have to do at any coast After doing this, you will hit the eligibility criteria so you will have to do all of these things after this, you watch that 50 lakhs package, 60 lakhs package, 70 lakhs package, 1 crore package you are eligible for taking that Other than this, how good you have done problems, how good are your problem solving abilities if you are given any problem in interview, how good you are breaking that down, how good you are soling that all of that depends on that That in which company, at which package you will be going and it is not like this if you start at 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 you can never go to that 1 crore there are many motivational videos. Hope you understand.

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