PALEO Diet vs KETO Diet

PALEO Diet vs KETO Diet The Paleolithic (Paleo) and ketogenic (keto) diets are two prevalent dietary management strategies in this age of ever-increasing understanding of how our food impacts our health and weight. So which one of these viral diets is actually better? Be sure to read the blog in its entirety to find out … Read more

What is BNPL or Buy Now, Pay Later

How BNPL Startups Are Disrupting India’s Lending Space, for Better or Worse If you’ve bought anything online recently then you might have noticed the option to buy now and pay later and this is becoming pretty prevalent across e-commerce websites and apps but you might have even noticed this option being offered in offline locations … Read more

Gain Weight Quickly and Build Muscle

Gain Weight Quickly and Build Muscle Nothing is more frustrating than working your tail off in the gym and still not seeing any results. But it’s not enough to simply train hard. you also need to support your training with a sensible diet. The human body functions similarly to a high-performance machine in that it … Read more